It feels like we only just wrapped up our interview with A Brave Plan founder Georg Backer, but The Bradwell Conspiracy has already gone and got itself a confirmed release date. It's coming to PlayStation 4 next week on Tuesday 8th October.

Pitched as a "first-person narrative adventure", The Bradwell Conspiracy tasks two strangers with working together in order to escape a dangerous situation in the year 2026. After an explosion at the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum, you'll need to use 3D printing and various photographical mechanics in order to work out what's really going on. Pitched as a game about relationships, cooperation, puns, and future technologies, it's one we're looking forward to checking out as soon as possible.

If you'd like to learn more about The Bradwell Conspiracy, check out our interview with the developer's founder. Are you interested in the title? Gather some clues in the comments below.