RAGE 2 TerrorMania DLC PS4

RAGE 2 is back once again with another slice of downloadable content to give those still playing the game something else to do for a handful of hours. Titled TerrorMania, it is pitched as an alternate take on the wastelands that are full of curses and twists. It's out on PlayStation 4 next month on 14th November.

Much like the previous Rise of the Ghosts expansion, TerrorMania comes with a new location to explore called The Deadlands. While you're there, you'll encounter a new enemy type that resembles an undead Captain Hook a little bit more than we'd like. There's no need to worry, however, as you'll be equipped with the all-new Sword of Transitus. An ancient relic with the capabilities to of unlocking pathways, but as the Bethesda blog puts it, it's also "a really cool sword you can stab people with, and that’s way more important."

The DLC comes packaged with the game's season pass, or you can purchase it separately for 500 RAGE coins, which works out at $5. Are you heading back to RAGE this November? Get crazy in the comments below.

[source bethesda.net]