PS Plus

PS Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions are great deals when it comes to video game acquisition. PlayStation Plus serves up two free PlayStation 4 games a month as long as you stay subscribed to the service, while PS Now has come on leaps and bounds since it launched a few years back. Being able to download or stream titles from three different generations of Sony systems is a bit of a joy, but this new business model has some publishers worried.

Devolver Digital, the publisher behind indie classics such as Hotline Miami, The Messenger, Minit, and Ruiner, is concerned that the number of games being offered at such a low price could lead to titles getting buried almost immediately. In an interview with GameSpot, co-founder Graeme Struthers said: "You do wonder if it's going to lead to a situation where there is so much content that you kind of fall off the edge. That's the one that keeps us up at night. That and Donald Trump, and Boris Johnson."

It's a worry that has been echoing quietly throughout the industry for some time now. It may seem like excellent value to consumers, but how much exposure and revenue are those smaller developers actually seeing when their latest title is dumped on a service alongside bigger games during the same day?

What do you think? Are you worried in the same way that Devolver Digital is? Pour one out for the devs in the comments below.