PS5 Price

Last week, we hosted a poll following on from the latest PlayStation 5 info dump. We asked readers about the cost of the next-gen console, offering five different options ranging from below $300 to above $600. Over 1,800 of you voted, and you can see the results below.

PS5 Price Cost

As it turns out, 45 per cent of readers reckon the PS5 will be priced between $400 and $500 -- ourselves included, for what it's worth. Not a hugely surprising result given what we know about the system so far -- but could it realistically rise even higher than $500?

A not insignificant number of voters -- 39 per cent -- can see the console landing between $500 and $600, which, again, doesn't seem entirely out of the question given the PS5's known specifications. In any case, we think it's safe to say that the system will end up being priced between $400 and $600 -- it's just a question of whether it'll fall below or above $500. conducted a similar poll and found comparable results. 42 per cent of their readers said the PS5 will be priced at €499 -- that's around $550. Not many people are expecting this thing to be cheap, then.

Would you buy a PS5 at over $500? Place your bets on a precise PS4 price point in the comments section below.

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