Nioh 2 Open Beta PS4 PlayStation 4

Koei Tecmo has gone Nioh crazy today. Not only is the first game coming to PlayStation Plus next month, its sequel now has a firm release date. Nioh 2 is a few months away, but fret not -- you'll be able to try it out for yourself much sooner than that. An open beta has also been announced, and it's right around the corner.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Nioh 2's open beta sounds pretty meaty. You'll firstly be able to test out the game's character customisation and new weapons, such as the Switchglaive. Players will start off in the Interim, a safe spot where you can play around with weapons until you're ready for a proper stage. The beta contains one full area, Sunomata, for you to conquer, and getting to the end will reward you with an unlockable helmet for use in the full game.

Additionally, if you have save data from the original Nioh on your PS4, you'll be able to play as that game's protagonist, William, in the beta. You'll be using a custom character in Nioh 2, but this is a nice bonus for those who've played the first game. You can easily get a save for yourself via PS Plus in a week or so, if you fancy checking this out.

The Nioh 2 open beta takes place between the 1st and 10th November 2019, meaning you can have a crack at the Souls-like sequel in just a couple of days. Will you be giving it a stab? Watch where you're pointing those katanas in the comments below.