Nioh PS4

Nioh was a really great twist on the Souls formula back when it released in early 2017, and it looks like the sequel is set to replicate that in a few months time in March 2020. If you haven't played that original experience, however, it's going to be available on PS Plus as part of the november line-up. A worthy download indeed, but playing it will have one more cool use.

Nioh 2's open beta kicks off on Friday 1st November, and if you have save data on your PlayStation 4 kicking around from its predecessor, you'll be able to play as original protagonist William for its duration. The pre-launch test comes with a character creator, so you'll be able to circumvent that as you pit your wits against supernatural enemies as the former hero.

Koei Tecmo has clearly done a good job of taking advantage of this whole PS Plus promotion, hasn't it? Will you be playing Nioh for the first time? Are you going to check out the sequel's beta? Change stances in the comments below.