Destiny 2 How to Start the Campaigns Guide

How do you start the campaigns in Destiny 2? How do you start the story missions in Destiny 2: New Light? Jumping into Bungie's looter shooter world with its new free-to-play option is probably going to be a little bit overwhelming for a lot of people. It introduces a whole host of planets to visit and patrol, but where are the story-based campaigns? Here's where you can now find them in Destiny 2.

How to Start the Campaigns in Destiny 2

Once you've completed the introductory missions and made it to the Tower, the large hub area where you'll see other real-life players, head to the area on the right-hand side of the map. There, you'll find a vendor called Amanda Holliday. Interact with her and you'll be able to select the legacy content up top. Pick up those quests and you'll be able to start all three year 1 campaigns.

The order you should play them in are:

  1. Legacy: The Red War
  2. Legacy: Curse of Osiris
  3. Legacy: Warmind

Follow the quest steps that these give you and you'll soon find yourself in some story-based missions.