Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Where to Find All Shortcuts Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Where are all the shortcuts in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled? Which tracks have shortcuts, and how do you access them? Many of the tracks in CTR Nitro-Fueled have tricky alternate paths that can seriously cut down your lap time, if you can reach them. They aren't always easy to find, though, and you'll want to know where they are -- especially for when you play online. Plus, many of them unlock PS4 trophies!

In this guide, we're going to take you through all the shortcut locations in the game.

CTR Nitro-Fueled - all the shortcuts and how to find them

Below, let's take a look at all the shortcuts you can find within CTR Nitro-Fueled.

Crash Cove Shortcuts

The very first track in the game has a pretty difficult shortcut. Early in the lap, you'll see a wooden ramp before a shallow pool of water. You need to hop at the top of the ramp to give yourself a boost upon landing in the water. Aim yourself at the grassy bank on the left of the track, and hop again right at the water's edge. The timing is tricky, but if you get it right, you'll land on the raised area, and skip a chunk of the track.

Mystery Caves Shortcuts

After the first set of turtles, you're able to make a left turn instead of following the main track. It's a narrow path through some mud, but skilled players will be able to power slide through and shave a few seconds off their lap time.

Sewer Speedway Shortcuts

This one is another difficult shortcut. Once you enter the first half-pipe area, go up on the left-hand side. On the right is a hole in the wall. You can use the pipe to jump up to it, but you need to ideally be going pretty fast to reach it. This shortcut is very precise, but it's worth mastering, as it saves a bunch of time.

Roo's Tubes Shortcuts

There's an unofficial shortcut to be found in this track. Right at the end of the lap, you can cut the last corner. You'll go up a ramp ahead of the left-hand turn with the giant skeleton. At the top of this ramp, hop to the left and you'll be able to power slide across the dirt. This one is a bit technical, as you can easily slow yourself down by accident, but it's a sure-fire winner if you have a Turbo power-up.

Coco Park Shortcuts

This wide track has a couple of corners that can be cut by driving through the grass. If you have a Turbo power-up or are confident with drift boosting, cut through the grass to shorten the lap.

Tiger Temple Shortcuts

For this shortcut, you need to open a door near the start of the lap. After the first narrow corridor, you'll see a temple on the left with a big, golden door. You need to throw a projectile at it in order to pass through -- this can be a rocket, a beaker, a bowling bomb, or a power shield. It'll even open if you have a mask active. This path saves a decent amount of time, and is also full of Wumpa Fruit crates, which is nice.

Papu's Pyramid Shortcuts

There are a couple of shortcuts to be found in this track. The first is after the first set of man-eating plants. The track goes to the right, but there's a hole in the wall where you can jump to a small platform. You can only do so while at top speed, but it cuts out a big turn in the track.

The other shortcut is very close to the first. There are three steps you'll hop down on the main track. At the top of these, on the left, is another platform you can jump to, and it saves you a little more time.

Dingo Canyon Shortcuts

Near the start of the lap, you can cut the corner on the right across the sand, but you'll want to be boosting across for it to be effective.

Polar Pass Shortcuts

The shortcut on this track is later on in the lap. After the section where you're hopping across the water, you'll go through a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a sharp right-hand turn, followed swiftly by a sharp left-hand turn. You can bypass this section if you're going fast enough. As you exit the tunnel, hop at the end of the ramp and you should be able to make it over the wall, skipping a very tricky part of the track.

Dragon Mines Shortcuts

After the section with the big dragon on the right, there's a big left-hand turn. At the end are some mine carts going right across the road. You can actually follow their path to the right, but it's only really suitable if you have a Mask power-up. If you don't, you'll drive very slowly, and the mine carts will run you over. It's worth taking if you do have a Mask, but otherwise, you're best to stick to the main path.

Blizzard Bluff Shortcuts

There are two shortcuts to be found here. A tiny shortcut right at the start cuts out the first corner, but it's tricky. There's a small gap on the left between two rocks at the very start of the lap, but the snow will slow you down. Use it if you have a Turbo power-up, or think you can power slide through.

Shortcut number two is even harder. At the first icy lake, you can drive up on the snowy left-hand bank, where you can jump over to the other side. However, you need to be going very fast to make the leap.

Hot Air Skyway Shortcuts

Half way through the track, you'll go down a corkscrew turn that ends with a ramp with turbo pads on it. If you veer to the right and jump at the end, you should make it to a raised platform and cut out a big turn in the lap.

Cortex Castle Shortcuts

Near the end of the lap is a left-hand U-turn through a blue-tinted area. There's a ramp before this section. If you're going fast enough, you can jump to the left here and land on a platform that lets you skip the U-turn.

N. Gin Labs Shortcuts

Near the end of the track, you'll come across a turbo pad ramp after a right-hand U-turn. If you're going flat out, you should be able to jump off the ledge to the right of this ramp, and land on a turbo pad from earlier in the lap. This cuts your time down because you're spending less time in the air.

Slide Coliseum Shortcuts

This track is very flat, and has lots of opportunities to cut corners. Use Turbos and drift boosting to cut across the grass.

Inferno Island Shortcuts

At the start of the track, you cross over a bridge. To the left of the track, just after the bridge, is a short pathway with a ramp. If you're going fast enough, you can jump at the top of this little ramp and get up onto a raised grassy area, cutting a corner of the track.

Jungle Boogie Shortcuts

Near the start of the lap, you'll drop down to a lower ledge before a bigger drop to the ground. If you stick to the right, you can hop to a curved platform that lets you take the inside track of the right-hand corner.

Another shortcut is found later on. When you're driving over the wooden platforms, there are two ramps close together. On the second ramp, hop right at the end and veer to the left to land on another platform that cuts your lap time down.

Clockwork Wumpa Shortcuts

The first one's pretty easy to spot. As you come up and round a right-hand turn, you'll see a big yellow arrow above some large gears. You can pretty easily jump across these gears, but watch which direction they're turning. If you match the direction, you'll go a little faster over them.

The second one is harder to do. A little further around the track, you'll go inside a clocktower. There's a ramp in the middle of the track, and a raised platform to the left. If you have enough speed, it's possible to jump up to this platform, but it's tricky.

Android Alley Shortcuts

This shortcut is easy to miss, but it's also pretty easy to pull off. About half way around the track, you'll enter a tunnel that turns right and come back out onto the road. The track makes a sharp left turn, but straight ahead is a busted barrier and a glass window. You can jump straight through it and back out the other side to cut a decent chunk of time.

Electron Avenue Shortcuts

There's one cheeky shortcut we've found so far in this long track. After you go through the straight tunnel with the two blue boost strips, follow the track around the right-hand turn. There are two ramps either side of the track here. Take the right-hand ramp, jump at the top, and hold Square and turn all the way to the right in mid-air. If done correctly, you'll be back on the track having skipped a hairpin turn.

Deep Sea Driving Shortcuts

Right near the start of the track is a ramp before a left-hand bend. If you're able to boost over this ramp to the left, you can cut the corner completely by driving off-road.

A second shortcut can be found about half-way through the track. There is a series of jumps from platform to platform using turbo pads. On the third one, head off to the right, using the speed from the turbo pad to make the jump. You'll land on a protruding platform having skipped a bend in the track.

Tiny Temple Shortcuts

Half-way through the track is an off-road section through the mud with electrical wires. After you come out of this, there's a path you can jump to on the left -- but you'll need to be boosting to reach it.

Meteor Gorge Shortcuts

There are a couple of jumps near the start of the lap. Veer to the left at the second ramp, and you'll be able to jump to a raised ledge with a turbo pad at the end.

There's a second shortcut further along, too. After going through an area with lots of red machinery and pipes, you'll see a big crane. Just past it is an arrow pointing to the right, and a turbo pad. Here, you can jump off the track to the left and onto a small platform -- this lets you leapfrog across to rejoin the track, skipping a large bend.

Barin Ruins Shortcuts

After you go through the curved, half-pipe style tunnel, you'll go back outside and the main track veers to the left. However, if you're going fast enough up the ramp, you can stick to the right and leap over a couple of blocks to find a straight, narrow path with a turbo pad.

Out of Time Shortcuts

There's a couple of shortcuts quite close to each other. Near the start of the track is an exclamation mark crate. Hit that so the small ramp on the right-hand side is raised, and jump off it. Use the boost to cut the corner through the sand, drift boosting to keep it going.

This leads to another shortcut, but it's easily missed. The track will bend to the left, but straight ahead is a small fence. If you get the speed and angle right, you can jump over the fence, which saves you a lot of time.

Assembly Lane Shortcuts

Again, there are two shortcuts to look out for. The first is after driving through a dirt track with big pools of oil. At a right-hand bend, there's a big gap in the wall that, if you're boosting, you can jump through to skip a portion of the track.

The second shortcut is easier to get onto, but it's no less risky to try and pull off. As you head inside the factory, there's a big conveyor belt dead ahead. It's easy to jump to, but there are two big obstacles that will squash you if they land on you. You're best to use this shortcut if you have a Mask power-up handy.

Hyper Spaceway Shortcuts

After you go through the first portal, steer to the left and jump off the track. You'll land on a short strip of road. From there, just hop back over to the main track, and you'll have cut down slightly on your lap time.

There is another, much harder shortcut that's related to the first. When you land on that strip of road and jump back to the main track, instead of going forwards, you can turn immediately right to go up a large ramp. You won't make this jump unless you're going very fast, but if you can pull it off, it saves a lot of time.

Twilight Tour Shortcuts

The new track added in the Nitro Tour Grand Prix has a couple of simple shortcuts to use. The first is right near the start of the lap. On the left-hand side, you'll see a platform that cuts the first corner. It's easy to jump to, you don't need to be going super fast to reach it.

The other shortcut is further on. After you do a left-hand U-turn and go inside a marketplace area, there's a small ramp on the right. Jump at the top and land on the top of the market stalls in the middle of the track, and there's an extra turbo pad up there. It's a faster route than sticking to the regular track.

In addition to these shortcuts is a more advanced one. On the second of the two big jumps half way through the track, you're able to jump to the left through a raised archway, and then turn left again back to the track. It cuts out much of the U-turn mentioned above.

Prehistoric Playground

The Back N. Time Grand Prix added this new, dinosaur-themed track, and it of course comes with a couple of shortcuts. The first one is pretty tough. Near the start of the lap are two boost ramps divided by a big rock. Take the right-hand boost pad. If you're going extremely fast, you should be able to land on a narrow path with some wumpa fruit at the top.

The second shortcut is towards the end of the lap, when you go inside the cave. Once you go through the tunnel lit by torches, stick to the left-hand side and you should see a boost pad on top of a set of giant bones. You can hop across with enough speed and leapfrog across the bones to cut a big corner.

Spyro Circuit

This new track from the Spyro and Friends Grand Prix is a fun one, featuring lots of references to the little purple dragon's series of games. As for shortcuts, there are a couple of sneaky jumps you can perform to cut corners. In the latter half of the track, there's a hilly part where wizards are throwing ice around. Using the hills on the course - and with enough speed - you can cut two corners by leaping over them. If you land on the grass you'll be reset, so it's a bit risky.