We absolutely adored Ghost Giant when it hit PlayStation VR earlier this year, so when a few of those developers break off to form their own studio and immediately announce a cute little PlayStation 4 title, we've got to say that we're interested. Plunder Pack is the debut game from Swedish team Friendly Fire, and it's set to release on PS4 in 2021.

The game centres around a group of animals who use Robin Hood as inspiration in their quest to take from the rich and give to the poor by planning bank heists and stealing from the vaults found within. You'll need to recruit new members to your team, learn of their skills and backstories, and work out which part of the operation they would be best suited for. Constructing new gadgets is also said to be a vital part of the experience as you rob the likes of offices, casinos, museums, and mansions.

It's a game that takes the cutesy style of Zoink! Games' previous titles and puts an illegal spin on things. Are you looking forward to stealing money and valuable items come 2021? Get your balaclava ready in the comments below.