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We're in an exciting time for PlayStation. While Sony itself is behaving rather reclusively about its next-gen machine, details about PS5 are starting to emerge. Wired recently revealed a few morsels of information, detailing some of the new bells and whistles that will take the console's controller to a new level. While we simply have to be patient until more is revealed next year, you can definitely feel the buzz of excitement that comes when a new generation is about to kick off.

Exacerbating this feeling is knowing that Sony's Worldwide Studios are no doubt hard at work on PS5 games for launch and beyond. We're fully expecting to see sequels to some of PS4's biggest hits, like God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man. Perhaps most exciting, though, is Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 which, given the hugely positive reception to Guerrilla's new IP, seems like an inevitability. What's more, we think it's poised to become the poster child for PS5, and not just because Aloy has fast become a PlayStation icon.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 PlayStation 4 2

First party titles that come early in a console's life tend to make full use of any new tech or gimmicks it might have, and this will absolutely be the case for Horizon 2. For starters, Guerrilla has surely been working with PS5 dev kits for a while now. We don't know the full specs yet, but the next-gen machine is going to be a huge leap in power, and we all know which of Sony's studios is best at getting the most out of the hardware. Aloy's first adventure looks incredible on PS4, especially for a large open world game. In fact, when PS4 Pro was the new big thing, Horizon: Zero Dawn was the game Sony used to show off the machine's 4K capabilities. We fully expect Horizon 2 to knock everyone's socks off with outrageous visuals. The Dutch developer will fully utilise the SSD, 3D audio, ray tracing, and more for this tentpole PS5 release, and it's going to look stunning.

We all know Horizon 2 will look the part, but as alluded to earlier, the controller sounds like it's going to bring a lot to the table as well. What better game to show off those adaptive triggers? The PS5 controller's L2 and R2 buttons will be able to become more resistive depending on what's happening, necessitating more pressure on the trigger from the player. In other words, when you draw back the string of Aloy's bow in Horizon 2, expect the triggers to tense up, just like the weapon would act in real life. Then there's the haptic feedback. The PS5 controller replaces regular rumble with much more advanced tech, reportedly allowing a player to "feel" differing textures, surfaces, and other effects. Imagine feeling the ground shake as a Thunderjaw stomps towards you, or getting different feedback from grassy, snowy, and sandy terrain. Horizon 2 will definitely make use of all of this.

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Further still, if the rumoured PlayStation Assistant software is real, you can bet your bottom dollar Sony will have all its studios implementing the tech into their games. Aloy's second outing will be no different, and being open world, will be a prime example. For instance, if you're struggling to find a certain species of robo-dino, just ask your controller and a marker will appear on the in-game map.

We're sure that other PS5 exclusives will make equal use of all these things and more, but Horizon 2 seems like the perfect candidate to show the new console at its best. It may still be a while away, but we think it's going to be the game to sell everyone on PS5 and its exciting new features.

What do you think about Horizon 2? Will it take full advantage of all the PS5's tech? Is Aloy going to be the face of next-gen?