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As with all things Fallout 76, the game's newly announced premium service Fallout 1st has arrived with its share of problems. For starters, the subscription costs $100 a year, which is bad enough, but you're not even paying for a fully working set of new features. As of right now, the Scrapbox - which allows players to store unlimited crafting items - is bugged. Several people have reported that it's deleting their scrap rather than keeping it safe. And that's not the only issue found thus far. As with the base game, Fallout 1st has fallen flat on its face.

Even better is this incredible story about one angry Fallout fan. Bethesda neglected to purchase a few key web domain names concerning Fallout 1st, and essentially, someone has swooped in and secured a couple of them. The result? Fallout1st.com and Fallout76First.com show a hilariously altered version of the publisher's breakdown of the subscription service.

"Ever since Fallout 76 launched, we have consistently done nothing to improve and evolve the experience based on your s****y feedback," Reads the webpage. We won't pull too many excerpts from this gigantic middle finger to Bethesda, as it's best enjoyed fresh. It completely rips apart the official copy found on the proper website, inserting all kinds of colourful language and commentary on the service. It's hard not to laugh.

In all likelihood, this will be removed from existence fairly soon, so we'd urge you to check it out while it's up. What are your thoughts on Fallout 1st? Do you agree with the rather outspoken owner of Falllout1st.com? Scrub your eyes clean in the comments below.

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