Isn't it strange how anti-gravity racing games like WipEout disappeared for a while, and now there are more than ever? WipEout Omega Collection saw the triumphant return of one of PlayStation's longest-running franchises on PS4, but in the years before and since, several indie titles have taken a pop at this unusual sub-genre of racers. Redout, Radial-G, Trailblazers, the upcoming Pacer -- and there are even more on other platforms. It seems the revival doesn't end there, though, as Antigraviator has just released on PS4.

As expected, it's an ultra fast racer with twisting tracks and all the motion blur you can take. It seems to replace weapons and pick-ups with hazards on the course, which could prove tricky when you're traveling at ludicrous speeds. It also features customisable craft and split-screen multiplayer, which is always nice to have. We're glad to see there's clearly passion out there for this type of game, but we can't help but wonder if we're starting to reach saturation point now.

What do you think of Antigraviator? Will you be taking it for a spin, or sticking with old favourites? Race into the comments below.