WipEout is an excellent target to aim for, but rarely do attempts at recapturing the series' magic get it right. Unfortunately, that's the case with Antigraviator, a newly released, high speed, anti-gravity racing game. It features a handful of different customisable ships to pilot through a few different race types, and swaps out weapon pick-ups for traps that remind us of Split/Second: Velocity's environmental takedowns. Sadly, even this gimmick doesn't do enough to make the game stand out.

It plays roughly as you'd expect, and rough is the word. While the ships are responsive to your inputs and it's ultra-fast, you're traveling at such speeds that turning becomes almost impossible without hitting the barriers. You can use an air brake and barrel rolls to make tighter turns and adjustments, but even then you're still going to be grinding along those outer walls; if you have difficulty with WipEout, forget Antigraviator. Even the AI struggles to fly a clean lap. The aforementioned traps are pretty much unavoidable, and difficult to trigger against opponents because you'll fly by them so fast.

Online is unfortunately a ghost town, but you can at least play locally with two-player split screen. The game runs relatively well, even if the visuals are rough around the edges. The game ends up feeling uninspired, and probably won't hold your attention for long, no matter how quickly you hurtle around its twisting tracks. With WipEout Omega Collection and other superior contemporaries available, it's very difficult to recommend this.