Alien: Isolation deserved a sequel. The 2014 title is still one of the PlayStation 4's very best survival horror experiences, but developer Creative Assembly has since moved onto other projects instead of creating a follow-up. That's a little bit heartbreaking, but Alien: Derelict is on hand to pick up the pieces. This new creation in Dreams is by far one of the most impressive examples of the PS4 exclusive's development tools to date.

Viewable above, the seven-minute sequence takes players through a dark, seemingly abandoned space ship. With voice acting and its own take on the trademark Alien scanner, this is a seriously good take on what a sequel might look like. Intensity and scares are aplenty before the video wraps up with a sighting of the Alien itself.

Do you still want a sequel to Alien: Isolation? Are you going to check out Alien: Derelict in Dreams? Scan for movement in the comments below.