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There's a column in Official PlayStation Magazine called Rumour Machine, and we always thought it was common knowledge that its contents were either completely fabricated or based upon Internet speculation. But in the latest issue it hinted that Creative Assembly is working on Alien Isolation 2, which resulted in a flurry of press from websites that should bloody well know better.'s since responded with its own sources, revealing that the UK-based developer has started work on a new project, but one that's unlikely to star Ellen Ripley or her daughter. The site adds that many of the people who worked on the first-person survival horror have since left the Horsham team, which is reflected in Halo Wars 2's credits.

So what gives? Well, here's what OPM had to say on the sentence that started all the speculation: "We can't talk in any more detail about aspects of the Rumour Machine section of the magazine." Hmm, so it's made up, then? Look, we don't blame the mag in this instance – no, it's the web jumping on every little baseless rumour for clicks that gets under our skin.