We've been quietly looking forward to Blacksad: Under the Skin since we got some hands on time with the detective thriller a few months ago, but just a week before its PlayStation 4 release, this latest slice of gameplay has given us pause.

25 minutes of footage gives us a great look at what to expect come 5th November, but we can't shake the feeling that it all looks a little bit rough. It's the audio more than anything else, but visual bugs crop up from time to time too. Characters seem to skip on voicing entire lines of dialogue, while the sound of footsteps don't seem natural to the cobbled streets they're walking across. An awkward visual glitch makes an appearance at the four-minute mark too.

We came away from our time with the game rather impressed, stating that "if the story can remain strong over the course of the campaign’s running time, then this could very well be a case worth solving." Let's just hope this is an early build.

Are you picking up Blacksad: Under the Skin next week? Start taking notes in the comments below.

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