We quite like The Last of Us: Part II's official PlayStation 4 boxart, but it has become clear that some of you aren't quite as enthusiastic about it. Those that aren't a fan are in luck, however, because a "Standard Plus Edition" of the game will be released day and date with every other version of the game that features a reversible cover. It sports a lovely piece of artwork that Naughty Dog released a while back, but the kicker is that it's exclusive to just EB Games in Australia and GAME in the UK.

It's a twist on the image we've seen previously of Ellie donning a hunting rifle as she stalks her pray out in the wilderness. It's a great choice for a boxart, to the point where we're a bit disappointed that it's tied up in exclusivity for just two territories.

The Last Of Us 2 Boxart PS4

Do you prefer this image to the official PS4 boxart? Have a good moan in the comments below.

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