If there's one thing that's clear about The Last of Us: Part II, it's that Ellie is not a happy bunny. The recent trailer seems to point towards a pretty obvious motivation for revenge, so we don't blame her. It's no wonder, then, that Sony has made Ellie's snarling face the focal point of the PlayStation 4 exclusive's cover art.

The Last of Us Part II Box Art PS4 PlayStation 4

We quite like it. The box art tells us some key things; Ellie is the star of the show, she's ready for a fight, and her story is going to be super dark. We know that some aren't a fan of this style of box art, but it's going to stand out on the shelf with this stark look. If nothing else, Ellie's death stare might be enough to intimidate you into buying the game on 21st February.

Jokes aside, what do you think of The Last of Us: Part II's cover art? Would you have preferred something more complex, or are you a fan of Ellie's close-up? Don't get too angry in the comments below.