State of Play Sony PlayStation The Last of Us 2

While they haven’t been anywhere near as bad as the Internet would lead you to believe, the first two episodes of State of Play have attracted significant criticism from the most sceptical corners of the gaming industry. The first episode attracted ire for its PlayStation VR focus, and while the second instalment was better, it couldn’t compete with even a dismal Nintendo Direct.

The company appears to have taken the criticism to heart, as it plans a revised format for next week’s latest State of Play. It also appears to be taking the 20 minute broadcast very seriously, as executives have been hyping it up on Twitter.

Here is Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, for example:

And the extremely affable Asad Qizilbash:

Meanwhile, fascinatingly, Quentin Cobb – who’s leading an unannounced Sony team in San Diego, which is strongly rumoured to be working on an all-new Uncharted adventure – also shared some GIF hype on popular forum ResetEra.

Of course, it doesn’t really mean anything at all – it could just be executives trying to drum up enthusiasm for their organisation’s latest advertorial. But this does feel different to previous State of Plays, which were largely understated affairs. We know The Last of Us: Part II is going to feature in some form – but what else could make the billing?

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