PS4 PlayStation 4 State of Play Rumour

There's a lot of speculation around at the moment suggesting another State of Play is right around the corner. Sony's Nintendo Direct style broadcasts are hard to predict, but it certainly feels like we're due the next one pretty soon -- it's been a while. Many are tying it to the Last of Us: Part II event that's happening later this month.

Now, PlayStation UK seems to be teasing something with this unusual tweet:

At first it's reminiscent of the famous "beep" tweet from the Cyberpunk 2077 account, but thinking about it, this could be hinting at a State of Play. The presentations usually start with the PS4 startup beep sound effect, which this tweet seems to be emulating.

Of course, it might not amount to anything, but all the talk of a new State of Play has us thinking this could be a teaser. Hopefully we'll find out whether that's the case soon enough.