Sanc Marcus

If the lack of vertical split-screen co-op in Borderlands 3 wasn't enough to get you riled up and ready to sign a petition, then you better get your marker pen ready because it has been discovered that Pandora's Arms Dealer is scamming players out of a couple extra shotgun shells!

As captured with his pants down by Reddit user baguete_fromage, you can see in the image below that Markus is selling eight shotgun shells for $1, but there are clearly 10 bucks in the image that accompanies the description. We've always been a little bit suspicious of that dude, but this latest attempt at thievery takes the cake.


Of course, this is just a little bit of a joke from Gearbox itself, but we've got our eye on you from now on Markus. Have you spotted this joke in-game? Try and haggle those two extra shells out of him in the comments below.