Borderlands 3

While many of us will experience Borderlands 3 alone, for some it has been the quintessential co-operative undertaking. Many committed fans of the franchise were indeed looking forward to playing the latest instalment with friends by their side in the same room, but that excitement has been thwarted somewhat by the complete lack of vertical split-screen co-op.

Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel all provided the option of a co-op experience that slices the TV vertically, with Borderlands 3 being the first to buck that trend. It only allows you to split the television horizontally, and longtime fans aren't happy about the change. Just take a quick scroll through the game's Reddit page and you'll find numerous complaints about the decision and pleas for the developer to make the switch back to vertical. Many users have even reported being unable to see subtitles at the bottom of the screen because of it.

The worst thing is that according to one 2K representative, Gearbox won't be patching in any sort of support. “There are no plans to add vertical split-screen at this time.” Were you planning on playing Borderlands 3 co-operatively, but feel let down by this decision? Share your disappointment in the comments below.

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