PS4 PlayStation 4 US 30 Million 1

Not that long ago, Sony reached an important milestone in the PlayStation 4's life -- it reached 100 million units sold through to stores, and it did so faster than any other console. The machine has been a monster in terms of sales throughout its lifespan, starting very strong and somehow going up year on year. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad has provided an update on the platform's performance in North America specifically, and it tells us that Sony has conquered the US.

As you can see, the US has bought over 30 million PS4s, meaning it makes up roughly 30 per cent of the global sales. By comparison, the console has shifted 8.3 million in Japan, 7.2 million in Germany, and 6.8 million in the UK. It's interesting to see the spread, and it's very clear now that Sony is playing largely to an American audience. This has been pretty obvious for a while, but it's good to have the figures to back it up.

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