PS4 PlayStation 4 100 Million Units Sold

By jove, they've done it -- Sony has now sold through 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles. The data for the first financial quarter of 2019 has been released, and the Japanese giant managed to sell 3.2 million PS4s between April and June, tipping it over the edge of the milestone. We're sure all the folks at PlayStation HQ will be popping some champagne -- it's abundantly clear the console has been a monumental success.

But that's not quite the end of it. According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the PS4 is now the console to have reached 100 million the fastest. Yes, faster than the Nintendo Wii, and yes, faster than even the PS2. That's a pretty staggering result.

Despite Sony selling more PS4s in this quarter than the last (3.2m vs 2.6m), we imagine things will begin to slow down with PS5 on the horizon. Whatever happens now, the machine will end up as one of the best selling consoles of all time. Here's hoping Sony can carry that momentum forward into next-gen.

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