Ghost Recon Breakpoint Open Beta

Ubisoft has revealed that the open beta for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will begin later this month, lasting just a few days. It'll apparently feature content that wasn't part of the closed beta which ran earlier this month.

Speaking of which, the general reaction to the closed beta has been mixed. Many longtime fans of Ghost Recon aren't happy that the game's introducing more light role-playing elements, such as levelled loot. We thought it was fun enough, but we're hoping that the finished release runs a lot better on PlayStation 4 when it launches in early October.

Anyway, this upcoming open beta will be available to download from the PlayStation Store on the 26th September, and it ends on the 29th September. "Players will be able to discover 3 extra main story missions, allowing them to delve deeper in the game’s storyline, 2 new regions (called New Argyll and Infinity) in addition to the 4 regions already unveiled during Closed Beta, and play intense competitive Elimination matches with their friends in Breakpoint’s PvP mode," reads the press release.

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