FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch Update

FIFA global franchise lead Corey Andress has come out and said that FIFA 20's first post-release patch is currently "on the way" and locked in. There's no time frame on when it'll arrive, but we imagine that it'll be soon, especially if it's just in the process of being approved by Sony. However, it's "likely" that this update will not include Career Mode fixes. For those out of the loop, Career Mode in FIFA 20 is currently a bug-ridden mess, and has prompted a widespread backlash from fans.

Andress does say that the development team is aware of the issues with Career Mode, but again, this patch has already been submitted. Here's the thing, though: Career Mode has been busted for at least a week. Before its launch today (at the time of writing), FIFA 20 was in early access for seven days, and the problems plaguing Career Mode then still cripple Career Mode now. Heck, the official groups for the Champions League and Europa League were only just updated a few hours ago. What's the hold up?

And so it looks like the wait for Career Mode fixes will continue. Hopefully the developer identifies the problems, tidies them up, and delivers another patch sooner rather than later.

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