GreedFall Length Endings

We've been banging on about how promising GreedFall looks for weeks now. The role-playing release is due out in just under a month at the time of writing, and by this point, we know quite a lot about it. That said, Escapist has managed to squeeze some fresh info from developer Spiders. In an interview, the studio says that the game will offer over 30 hours of gameplay -- quite a bit more if you attempt all the side quest stuff -- and it'll boast multiple endings.

For a choice-heavy, story-drive RPG, we reckon 30 hours strikes a good balance -- not too long, and not too short. The ending that you get will be based on a number of factors, including which factions you side with and who your most loyal companions are. It'll be interesting to see just how in-depth GreedFall is.

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