The Outer Worlds PS4 Xbox Exclusive

Here at Push Square, we're eagerly awaiting the release of The Outer Worlds -- the upcoming in-depth first-person role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment. Given the developer's experience with the genre, we've had our eyes on this project since the day that it was announced, and recent gameplay previews say that it's looking really promising.

However, it's entirely possible that The Outer Worlds could be the last PlayStation-bound title that Obsidian makes. The studio was snapped up by Microsoft in 2018, joining the Xbox-maker's expanding roster of first party development teams. And as it happens, Microsoft may see The Outer Worlds as the potential starting point of an Xbox exclusive franchise.

Speaking to Game Informer, Xbox Game Studios boss Mike Booty said: "From what we’ve seen of The Outer Worlds, my hope is that that’s something we can build and that it really becomes an enduring franchise and it really starts to grow and we can help expand that."

If The Outer Worlds ends up being a great game, it's admittedly going to sting a little when we see its sequel announced as an Xbox exclusive.

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