The Outer Worlds Preview Fallout New Vegas

Previews for The Outer Worlds are currently flooding the web, and it's all looking pretty positive for Obsidian's upcoming role-playing release. After spending a few hours with the game, most sites and channels are praising its heavy emphasis on player choice, both in and out of dialogue. Quests and missions can apparently change rather drastically depending on your actions, and you're given a lot of freedom when it comes to crafting your own style of play.

In short, this really does sound like Fallout: New Vegas in space. Unfortunately, that also means the game's a bit janky. The one consistent criticism coming out of these previews is that character animations can be stiff and awkward. And although press obviously went hands on with a build that isn't final, some outlets are reporting that it's a little bit buggy.

But again, overall, everyone seems hyped. The combat, while reportedly nothing amazing in terms of general feel, offers a huge variety of options. Guns, melee weapons, weird special abilities -- heck, you can avoid combat altogether if you really want to. And although it's not new information, it's worth reiterating that there's a V.A.T.S.-esque targeting system in place. It all sounds very in-depth.

Many previews also note just how funny The Outer Worlds can be. As expected of an Obsidian title, the game apparently has a sharp and sometimes dark sense of humour. Your own dialogue options can be great for a laugh as well -- it looks like you can do a lot to shape your character's personality.

The Outer Worlds is shaping up rather nicely, then, ahead of its 25th October release date. Is it on your radar? Select a dialogue option in the comments section below.