Tequila Works’ unexpected continuation of the Bill Murray cult classic Groundhog Day will release on PlayStation VR from 17th September. Playing as the son of original protagonist Phil Connors, the Sony Pictures Virtual Reality-published narrative adventure will find you “solving puzzles and exploring the world introduced by the film as you try to break out of a time loop”.

The title promises to include places and personalities from the film, and “along the way, the charming but arrogant and social media-obsessed Phil Connors Jr. will learn valuable lessons about life, love, and family”. The aforementioned Spanish developer’s previous PSVR effort The Invisible Hours took inspiration from Groundhog Day, so we’re confident it’ll be able to build on those ideas for this outing.

Pre-orders will open on the PlayStation Store this week, with PS Plus members securing a small discount, reducing the title’s price from $29.99 to $26.99. For a limited time, everyone who pre-orders will also receive a digital copy of the original movie, which will be available to download immediately after the game’s release.

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