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Another day brings with it another article about the promising RPG GreedFall that hits PS4 on 10th September, and today's news will give hope to those who loved the deep narrative experiences of the likes of Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Developer Spiders Studios wants to fill the void left by BioWare, who have seemingly abandoned the classic RPG of old in favour of service-based games like ANTHEM.

Speaking with Escapist Magazine, CEO Jehanne Rousseau explains her love for BioWare's previous games and the disappointment she felt when the studio recently pivoted away from that type of game. "We are creating them now not to replace [BioWare] but to fill the void in some ways. We can’t really compare. We don’t have the same size teams and budget, but we really try to continue creating games we love."

The interview then goes on to discuss GreedFall's factions, its setting and story, and the relationships you can build with the people you meet. It's well worth checking out if the game has already caught your interest. Most interestingly, though, is Rousseau's statement that the game won't receive any DLC post-launch. The team over at Spiders Studios is already working on concept art and the universe of its next game.

Do you miss the BioWare of old? Do you think GreedFall will be a suitable replacement? Barter in the comments below.