The pre-release coverage is starting to come thick and fast for GreedFall as it approaches its September release date, with this latest trailer giving us a good overview of the types of mechanics and features we can expect to see in the final game. Get a taste of the upcoming PS4 RPG above.

In true Rockstar fashion, a female narrator talks us through the sorts of features we'll come across during our time in Teer Fradee. A unique character creator allows you to fashion the face and body you want to set sail with, but then you'll have the chance to craft their starter class, attributes, and talents. It looks like a fairly in-depth system that'll have a genuine impact on the type of experience you'll have.

The trailer then discusses combat styles, dives into a whole host of stat pages, and shows off its tactical pause option. There will be multiple ways to approach objectives too, depending on how you've speced your character. Instead of simply killing all the guards surrounding your target, you could find a back entrance by blowing a hole in the wall, or upgrade the lockpicking skill to test out your stealth abilities.

We've been saying that GreedFall probably won't be on the same level as the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but after this latest trailer, we don't see why this couldn't be a genuinely excellent RPG. Are you as excited as we are? Come to a peaceful conclusion in the comments below.