Devil May Cry 5 DLC

There's a news story doing that rounds that suggests Capcom has some kind of Devil May Cry announcement incoming -- but we would advise against getting too excited. The source of all this is an Anime Festival Orlando panel featuring Ruben Langdon (Dante), and others from the voice cast of Devil May Cry 5. At the end of the panel, as captured in this Facebook video, Langdon asks the audience to put away their phones and any recording equipment, because they're about to be shown an exclusive... Something. He also mentions that Capcom has given the panel permission to show it.

Of course, there's already wild speculation over what the audience was shown. Could it be that long rumoured Devil May Cry 5 DLC? We highly doubt it, not after Capcom has specifically said that there will be no more updates or DLC. Could it be a teaser for the next Devil May Cry game? No chance. But as always, speculation leads to hype, and hype often leads to disappointment.

The bottom line here is that Capcom wouldn't use an anime convention panel as a means to announce secret DLC plans or games. It's far, far more likely that Langdon and the gang premiered something to do with other Devil May Cry projects, like the upcoming Netflix anime series. Heck, it could have just been exclusive behind-the-scenes footage taken from Devil May Cry 5's development or localisation. If it was anything really important to the video game series, it surely would have leaked by now anyway.

So yeah, we really wouldn't go expecting a big announcement anytime soon. Still, it'll be interesting to see if Capcom brings anything cool to Gamescom later this month.

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