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This one's a bit scrappy, so bear with us. A Borderlands YouTuber known as SupMatto has gotten himself into trouble after sharing certain information about the upcoming sequel. The creator says a couple of Take-Two private investigators arrived at his home and questioned him about the Borderlands 3 leaks. According to the game's publisher, 2K Games, the YouTuber had been under investigation for 10 months as part of a broader look into leaked information.

SupMatto claims the Twitch extension reveal inadvertently shared the names of several testing accounts, and that this wasn't found by him. However, it goes further than that; Take-Two discovered he's been leaking Borderlands 3 information since last year, prior to the official reveal of the game. 2K told IGN that SupMatto's explanation of the situation is "incomplete, and in some cases untrue”. The publisher continued: “Not only were many of his actions illegal, but they were negatively impacting the experience of other content creators and our fans in anticipation for the game." The creator has subsequently deleted many of his Borderlands 3 videos, and his Discord channel has been shut down.

The fan reaction to the situation has been rather divisive. The hashtag #BoycottBorderlands3 has been doing the rounds online, with some taking the side of SupMatto and others saying Take-Two's actions were too heavy handed. It's all a big mess, in other words.

What do you make of all this? Will you be boycotting Borderlands 3 in the wake of this investigation? Do you care about any of this stuff? Don't leak anything in the comments below.

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