The Borderlands series is all about finding bigger and better loot, and it's clear the upcoming sequel will be no different. Borderlands 3 is getting its gameplay debut tomorrow as Gearbox shows off the game in action for the first time. However, there will be more to see and do over on Twitch than just that.

According to the studio, "hundreds of the biggest streamers will be playing and livestreaming Borderlands 3" tomorrow, so there will be plenty of gameplay to tune into aside from the official broadcast. What's interesting is that a new Twitch extension will allow viewers to interact with these streams in some fun ways -- especially if you link your Twitch and SHiFT accounts.

As Claptrap explains in the above video, you'll be able to inspect a streamer's loadout and skill trees at any time. Most notably, linking your accounts means you have a chance to earn loot for Borderlands 3 by watching live streams during special events. If you win, the digital content will be sitting in your in-game mailbox when the sequel launches in September. It actually sounds like a cool initiative if you're really into your Borderlands.

There's a more detailed breakdown of this Twitch integration here if you're interested. Will you be watching streamers and trying to score early loot for Borderlands 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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