The popular World War Z is back again with yet another free update on PS4, with the main headline this time around being the addition of a sixth tier of difficulty. It's available for download right now, so see it in action in the video above while you wait.

While The Six Skulls update does indeed make the game's zombie hordes an even greater threat, there are some seemingly worthy rewards to be had if you make it out alive. Beating a single chapter on the new extreme difficulty mode will unlock a new melee weapon named the Wakizashi, and beating every chapter that makes up all episodes will give players the Mk110 sniper rifle. Thanks to its unique perks, this is a gun that hardcore players will surely yearn for.

Saber Interactive also teased another update coming at the end of this month, dubbed "The Big Update". This will include multiple weapon variants, character skins and accessories, and a weekly challenge mode with difficulty modifiers. Think of Destiny 2's Nightfalls and you're on the right tracks.

It's another impressive update for what has proven to be one of 2019's more surprising titles, but are you on board? Survive the apocalypse in the comments below.