Sony New PlayStation Studios

Over the weekend, news broke that Sony is looking to double down on its philosophy of producing high quality, PlayStation exclusive titles with the PlayStation 5. With the next-gen console supposedly set to launch in late 2020, you can bet that the Japanese giant is incredibly busy behind the scenes, no doubt preparing itself for the important years ahead.

And now, a report from Japanese publication Nikkei -- as translated by Gematsu -- says that Sony is considering the acquisition of game development companies. In other words, it could be looking to broaden its already impressive team of first-party studios. This all comes from president and CEO Jim Ryan, who believes that "content is becoming more important than ever before". When you look at the PlayStation 4's list of exclusive games and their commercial success, it's hard to disagree.

With Microsoft strengthening its own suite of first-party developers thanks to a number of recent acquisitions, Sony's stance on buying up studios may have become more aggressive -- at least to some degree. That said, Xbox is still playing catch-up in that department, while PlayStation already has a load of top tier teams pumping out top tier games. Ryan is quick to emphasise this as well, saying "Sony Interactive Entertainment has 25 years of experience in the games industry and has big assets".

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