Star Wars Ps4

We can't imagine it being the most exciting hour of our lives, but here's something to look forward to. EA is apparently hosting a press conference at next month's Gamescom in Germany where it'll lift the lid on details and footage of its upcoming titles for the rest of 2019.

According to FifaPlay, a fansite dedicated to the online version of the beautiful game, the event will be named the EA Live Show and takes place on Monday 20th August at 5:30pm BST / 9:30am PST. The website speculates that a large portion of the event will be dedicated to FIFA 20 while making room for some surprises elsewhere. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order would surely be in attendance too.

A new entry in the Need for Speed franchise is still set to be released this year, so this would surely be the time and place to reveal that with a trailer, release date, and a ton of footage. It's this unknown quantity that gives the rumour some weight, because this is the last chance EA will have to officially announce the game at a western event before a supposed launch in late 2019.

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