Wolfenstein Youngblood Reviews

Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the co-op enabled, lower-priced shooter sequel that sees B.J. Blazkowicz's twin daughters slaughter all kinds of Nazis, has received slightly mixed reviews. Most sites are calling it a perfectly competent and enjoyable shooter, but others are dinging it for lacklustre story elements and stunted character progression. If you're a fan of the Wolfenstein games then you're probably going to like this, but it perhaps doesn't live up to its predecessors.

IGN - 6/10

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an aggressively okay co-op shooter that doesn’t come close to recapturing the joy of its predecessor’s action or its surprisingly interesting characters and story. It doesn’t completely fumble the joy of its weapons and abilities or counteract the pleasing sensation of squishing Nazis between your toes, but it does make it harder to enjoy at seemingly every turn with an out-of-place leveling system, busted stealth gameplay, some aggravating boss fights and inadequate checkpoint saves. Frankly, I expected more from the Blazkowicz twins.

Game Informer - 8.5/10

Youngblood excels as an entertaining shooter with the right kind of RPG elements and choices. However, when compared to the stellar and shocking storytelling of previous Wolfensteins, this entry comes up short. It has a few interesting breadcrumbs about what happened in the aftermath of Wolfenstein II, including the fates of a couple characters, but this outing is mainly focused on the exploits of its dynamic duo. As far as protagonists go, Jess and Soph are likeable goofballs – a detour from their sad-sack papa – but they don’t have any real character development.

PC Gamer - 79/100

Youngblood's gorgeous, terrible world is worth exploring, despite a slight narrative and oppressively boring progression systems.

Destructoid - 6/10

Maybe I just expected too much, but I find myself missing the careful balance of story and gameplay that The New Order had down pat. Youngblood makes plenty of strides forward for this series, but it also takes some steps backward that end up hurting the overall package.

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