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It’s rare we get an “out there” release from EA these days, but Sea of Solitude has sailed onto the PlayStation 4 under a wave of muted anticipation. The title, which explores all kinds of emotional charged themes, is the latest game from Jo-Mei Games – and its setting is loosely inspired by Berlin. But what are critics saying about the imaginative outing? We’ve compiled a handful of verdicts while we work to bring you our review in the coming days.

Game Informer - 7.5/10

Sea of Solitude provides an insightful look at how mental health devastates the lives of not just those it affects, but also loved ones on the outside. Kay learns a lot about herself by understanding the value of listening, coming to term with her flaws, and not just empathizing with family but also accepting that a simple fix isn’t always possible.

GameSpot - 7/10

The story, and the way it confronts a universal but often misunderstood part of life, is Sea of Solitude's biggest draw. The gameplay is passable at best and tedious at its worst, but this is still a journey worth experiencing because of the way Jo-Mei Games has managed to weave a heartbreaking tale out of genuine characters and believable grief. Kay wants to know why she turned into a monster, and this is the driving force behind the whole game. What could have triggered it and why are these monsters so intrinsically linked? Despite some missteps along the way, Sea of Solitude is difficult to put down until you can answer those questions for yourself.

IGN - 6.5/10

Sea of Solitude’s potential is never fully realized. It’s beautiful to look at, but it ends up being a lovely splash in a shallow pond. The story was compelling enough that I wanted to see it through to the end, but the repetitive tasks within it lost their charm in the first half. While not a long game, by the end of Sea of Solitude I just wanted things to be done. It felt like it ran out of things to offer me long before it ended. There are some enjoyable, even magical moments, in Sea of Solitude but they’re mixed in with some mediocrity that make it just a decent experience rather than sublime one. - 2/5

Not even striking art direction and sincere storytelling can save the unfortunate nature of Sea of Solitude. Marred by dull action and, at worst, frustrating sequences, Sea of Solitude ends up feeling like twice the length of its runtime. Those monsters and that world sure are gorgeous though.

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