Sony PS Vita PlayStation Vita 1

Sony’s largely called time on the PlayStation Vita, with hardware and cartridge production mostly over. There are still a surprising number of titles being published globally on the PlayStation Store, however, but there had been some speculation overnight that support may be coming to an abrupt end. Jack of All Controllers picked up on a Kickstarter post by Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story developer Suzaku, which seemed to imply that the Japanese giant had set a date for final software submissions.

Fortunately, prevalent PS Vita publishers like Ratalaika Games and Cowcat Games have since commented that they’re not aware of any cut-offs, and haven’t received any communication from the platform holder on the matter. We’re going to chalk this down to a misunderstanding for now – although there is every opportunity that the Japanese giant could still pull the plug at any moment. For now, the portable lives on – just about.

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