Days Gone Free Update Uncharted 4 Bike Skins PS4 PlayStation 4

Bend Studio seems to be putting an awful lot of effort into post-launch support for its popular PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. The open world survival game has been getting regular new challenges lately, adding even more to do in the already huge adventure. Its latest addition to the game is a set of new skins for Deacon's bike, and they're all inspired by another PS4 exclusive: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

While the skins don't scream Uncharted, they're all nice designs, and it's cool to see Sony's properties crossing over in fun ways like this. They're available in the game now for free, so you can ride around post-apocalyptic Oregon in style.

What do you think of these new bike skins in Days Gone? Would you like to see more PS4 exclusives make small appearances in each other's worlds? Drift into the comments below.