Days Gone Hands On Preview Emergent Open World Zombie Action

Yet another patch for Days Gone has just gone live, bringing with it a huge selection of accessibility options as well as support for three more optional challenges arriving in August.

Update 1.30 now allows you to invert the horizontal camera, camera follow tracking now works correctly, you can disable the Dualshock 4's speakers and reroute all audio through either your TV or headphones, and increase the size of subtitles. Quick time events can now require a hold of a button instead of a repeated tap, while sprint is now easier to activate.

They're welcome additions that'll help those that need them, but the patch also adds support for three more challenges coming next month. They continue to be free, arriving weekly starting on 2nd August. Update 1.30 rounds itself out with general fixes to traps that can now be placed in shallow water as well as appearing on the mini-map, and a progression fix for the "That Never Gets Old" Mission.

Will you benefit from any of these accessibility options? Craft and shoot in the comments below.