Detroit: Become Human - How to Keep Kara, Alice, and Luther Together at the End Guides

One of the key relationships in Detroit: Become Human revolves around Kara, Alice, and Luther – a makeshift family unit which attempts to cross the American border in order to start a new life in Canada. Keeping the trio together can be a challenging task, however, as danger lurks at every corner. In this guide, we’re going to help you to keep Kara, Alice, and Luther alive at the end – and help you to get them across the border, so they can start a new life, free from the rule of their human oppressors. Successfully escaping will unlock the 'Happy Family' Trophy. If you want to know how to keep everyone alive at the end of Detroit: Become Human, then click through for our guide to that. Also, if you're not fussed about Luther, you can find out how to get Kara and Alice to pass the border in Detroit: Become Human.

How to Keep Kara, Alice, and Luther Together at the End in Detroit: Become Human

Every decision you make in Detroit: Become Human can potentially kill a character, so you’re going to need to ensure you make the right calls if you have any hope of keeping Kara, Alice, and Luther alive – and getting them across the American border. Successfully save all three characters, however, and you’ll unlock the 'Happy Family' Trophy for your efforts. You’ll also be able to rest easy in the knowledge that your efforts helped a fledgling family to start their lives over in Canada.

Stormy Night

Kara can die in Stormy Night, so you’re going to need to ensure that you keep her alive and help her to escape with Alice. All you need to do is betray Todd’s instructions when he orders you to stay out of the way. Break free from your programming and help Alice; make sure you complete the QTEs and escape Todd’s clutches with the girl in tow.

On the Run

It's possible to avoid the chase sequence with Connor if you successfully elude the police officers, but if you do trigger a footrace, then make sure you get the QTEs right, otherwise it's possible Kara may get hit by a car – and subsequently kick the can.


You need to escape from Zlatko’s android torture den with Alice in tow. Make sure you unlock the doors in the basement, allowing the androids who’ve been experimented on to escape. Also, consider setting fire to the house and making an exit through the backdoor. Make sure you complete all the QTEs or Kara will be shot. Luther will step in to protect you once you reach the back garden, and then Zlatko will be killed by the escaping androids. Luther will ask if he can join you on your journey, so make sure you agree.

Midnight Train

Make sure you make Kara tell Luther to take Alice upstairs when the cop arrives, and be sure to clean up all the evidence to avoid arousing suspicion. Luther can die in this scene, so check out our how Kara can succeed in making the cop go away in Detroit: Become Human guide.


Towards the end of this scene, there’ll be a sequence where the military raid Jericho and you have to escape. Luther will get injured and tell you to carry on, but you need to help him. You’ll be separated from Luther later in the scene, but don’t worry, he will return. When Kara and Alice get outside, play dead and stay still in order to avoid the military and move into the next scene. If you do surrender here, then you can find out how to get Kara and Alice to escape the recycling center in Detroit: Become Human through the link.

Battle for Detroit

Stealthily make your way past the military until you spot Luther about to be shot by the military. Help free him and continue to stealthily make your way to the checkpoint. If you’ve got time then take the detour and avoid the checkpoint, but if you’re running low on time then head to the checkpoint. Play it cool and do not get trigger happy no matter how tempted you are. You’ll get through.

You need to get on the bus, so no matter how bad it feels, make sure you steal the family’s tickets and don’t let them know you’ve got them. Climb aboard the bus to the border. Once you get to the border, you’ll be reacquainted with some friends. You can choose to sacrifice them, but if you play as a pacifist with Markus, you can actually go straight up to the kiosk and plead your case with the government officer. He’ll look at the television and see Markus’ peaceful protest, allowing Kara, Alice, and Luther to pass safely and earn their freedom.