Detroit: Become Human How Many Endings Are There PS4 Guide 1

Detroit: Become Human has more endings than previous Quantic Dream games. There are a staggering number of permutations to the way this story can conclude, ranging from the colour of a particular character’s hair to the clothes they're wearing to whether they even make it out alive. As such, we’re not even going to attempt to put a total on how many endings there are in Detroit: Become Human. Instead, we’re going to write a rough guide explaining all of the possible permutations for each of the title’s three main characters.

How Many Endings Are There in Detroit: Become Human?

It’s hard to say exactly how many endings there are in Detroit: Become Human because there are so many variables to consider. Quantic Dream probably has a firm number behind closed doors, but instead we’re going to walkthough the various likely outcomes for all of the main characters – and share a rough guide on how to unlock them.

Kara’s Endings in Detroit: Become Human

Kara and Alice Survive
It’s possible for both Kara and Alice to cross the Canadian border alive. You’ll want to know how to keep everyone alive in Detroit: Become Human in order to achieve this. Also, consider bringing Luther along for the ride; consult our how to keep Kara, Alice, and Luther together at the end guide for more on that.
Killed by Todd
If you abide Todd’s instructions in Stormy Night and fail to protect Alice, he’ll end up killing both of you.
Killed at the Canadian Border
If Markus leads a violent revolution and Kara fails to sacrifice anyone at the Canadian border, she’ll be killed – potentially along with Luther if he came along for the ride. You can also die at the Recycling Center. You can find out how to get Kara and Alice to escape the Recycling Center through the link.
Kara Lives, Alice Dies
Perhaps the cruellest ending of all, if Alice is stressed at the Recycling Center, then she’ll get into a scuffle which will lead to her being shot if you don’t intervene. You can also escape the Recycling Center without her, and depending on what Markus is up to, the android camp may not be liberated in time.
Kara Dies, Alice Lives
Sacrifice yourself at the Canadian border in order for Alice to escape alive at Kara’s expense.

Markus’ Endings in Detroit: Become Human

Killed During Freedom March
If you stand your ground towards the end of the Freedom March scene, Markus will be shot by the police and made an example of. North will take over as the leader of the revolution, and she will act violently.
Make a Deal During Peaceful Protest
If you make a deal during the Peaceful Protest scene, Markus will be shot and killed for his troubles regardless.
Markus Lives During Peaceful Protest
Do not accept the deal in Peaceful Protest, and then when cornered at the very end, either kiss North or sing to the soldiers to survive.
Connor Kills Markus
Assuming that Connor remains a machine, then it’s possible for the detective to kick the crap out of the revolution leader. Just opt to play as Connor and hammer through those QTEs.

Connor’s Endings in Detroit: Become Human

Connor Dies
There are dozens of ways that Connor can die in Detroit: Become Human. Perhaps the most obvious one is when Connor turns deviant, if you fail to escape Amanda’s hack, then you can commit suicide. This is only if Markus’ has already died, however. Perhaps the best way to get Connor to die is to just fail a bunch of QTEs – or allow the replacement Connor to kill the character at CyberLife.
Connor Survives
There are two ways Connor can survive: as a machine or a as a deviant. Obviously, depending upon which side you select earlier in the story will determine the outcome here. If you choose to stay a machine then you’ll need to fight Markus – or the revolution leader. If you choose to be a deviant, then you’ll need to escape Amanda’s counter-hack by interacting with the tree stump and escaping your programming.

How Do You Unlock the Secret Ending in Detroit: Become Human?

There’s a scene involving Chloe when you complete Detroit: Become Human’s main storyline. Choose to set her free if you want to unlock the secret ending in the game. Refusing to let her leave will keep her around, and you’ll need to replay the game in order to unlock the secret ending option again.