Destiny 2 How to Get Bad Juju PS4 Guide

How do you get Bad Juju in Destiny 2? The exotic pulse rifle has returned as part of the game's Moments of Triumph event, bringing with it its handy super energy perks. Here's how you get your hands on it as part of Season of Opulence.

How to Get Bad Juju in Destiny 2

These are the steps you'll need to follow in order to make Bad Juju a part of your loadout.

Grab the Quest From Werner's Barge on Nessus

The first step is incredibly simple. Head to Nessus and board the robot Werner's barge. Sitting right next to him will be a chest, and paying 5000 Glimmer will open it and kick off the exotic quest line.

Visit the Tribute Hall and Grab a Visage of Calus Bounty

The quest tells you to visit the Tribute Hall, which is accessed via your director. Head to Nessus and select the Tribute Hall in order to spawn there - it's located next to the Menagerie playlist. Walk up to the statue of Calus once you're there and grab the four Visage of Calus bounties.

Complete a Visage of Calus Bounty

Now, you're going to need to complete one of those Visage of Calus bounties. Typically, they'll have you completing public events, simply killing enemies, dunking motes in Gambit Prime, or finishing up Strikes. Whichever one you choose to focus on, complete its requirements and head back to the Tribute Hall once you've turned it in.

Place 14 Statues in the Tribute Hall

Split up into four different quest steps, you'll now need to place 14 statues in the Tribute Hall itself. This is done by purchasing them from the Calus statue, but they're very costly. You can gain discounts on them by completing more and more Visage of Calus bounties, but a single completion of one only reduces the price by 1%.

As such, this step is going to take most Guardians the longest amount of time. You'll simply need to grind out these bounties while amassing Glimmer and planetary materials until you can afford 14 statues. This will, in turn allow you to place a further four Warbeast statues around the chest in the centre of the room.

Complete The Other Side Mission

Once you've finally placed all 14 statues in the Tribute Hall, you'll trigger one last mission named The Other Side. Grab the quest, approach the chest in the middle of the room and you'll be transported to an Ascendant Plane version of the Leviathan. Complete the quest and Bad Juju is yours.

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