Overcooked Online Multiplayer Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

Can you play Overcooked online on PlayStation 4? Overcooked is one of May's PlayStation Plus games, and as such, many will be taking their first steps into this chaotic, cooperative cooking game. Although playable alone, enjoying this clever little title with friends is an absolute must. Ideally, four player local co-op is how to really get cooking, but that's not always an option for most.

In this quick guide, we'll talk you through all your options when it comes to playing Overcooked multiplayer.

Can you play Overcooked online on PS4?

The short answer, unfortunately, is no. Overcooked 1, the game you have as part of PS Plus this month, doesn't include a built-in option for online play.

However, it's possible to get around this with the PS4's Share Play feature. For those who don't know, you can invite someone on your Friends list to join your game via Share Play. This is effectively akin to local play; it allows you to either "swap" the controller between players or allow for multiple people to join in with local multiplayer titles. Overcooked is a perfect game for this feature, and it's the only way to play it with your PS4 pals, aside from local co-op of course. What you can't do is play Overcooked with strangers via matchmaking.

Fully integrated online play was introduced in Overcooked 2, which is a much improved sequel across the board. If you get a taste for the series' brand of crazy cooking, we'd recommend checking out the second game. If nothing else, playing online is a breeze in Overcooked 2.

How many players can play Overcooked at once?

A maximum of four players can play Overcooked together. The game is designed around having multiple participants, so while you can happily complete the game alone, or with two people, it's at its best with the full four player setup.

Do you need multiple controllers to play co-op in Overcooked?

Surprisingly, no! With only one controller, you can play two-player Overcooked. The game features an option to "split" the controller down the middle -- the left side of the DualShock 4 assigned to player one, and the right to player two. It sounds cumbersome, but it works pretty well. Movement remains on the sticks, while the action buttons normally attributed to X and Square are instead on the shoulder buttons. If you're a controller short when your pals come over, give this option a try.

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