Netflix has slowly been peeling back the curtain on its TV adaptation of The Witcher, with snapshots of various cast members -- including Roach, of course. However, it's now shown the very first footage of the series with the debut teaser trailer. Check it out above.

In it, we see a very bleak and bloody fantasy world, and some of the main characters we'll be following -- Yennefer, Ciri, and of course, Geralt. The main man doesn't get much of a word in, but this trailer does a better job of selling us on Henry Cavill's take on the protagonist. Overall, the trailer is pretty good, if you ask us. Obviously we'll need to see the show for ourselves before we can pass real judgment. It's important to also remember this is based on the books, not the games, so there are going to be some differences. First impressions are fairly good, either way.

What do you think of this first trailer for Netflix's The Witcher? Will you be watching when it arrives later this year? Don't delve into chaos in the comments below.