Naughty Dog may be best known for its rip-roaring single player campaigns, but the studio’s been pumping out entertaining online multiplayer romps for a good decade or so now. The Last of Us is easily its best work, with its SOCOM-inspired white knuckle bouts being a breath of fresh air in an era of killstreaks and whatnot.

The Last of Us PS3 PlayStation 3 2

There’s some concern that The Last of Us: Part 2 may not have a multiplayer mode, though, as the packaging for Sony’s limited edition Days of Play console outright says as much in the small print. Fortunately, we reckon this is just an error: the developer confirmed last year that its popular Factions mode will return in the sequel, and it’s been busy hiring multiplayer designers for some time.

Rest easy, then – multiplayer will be back and we’re fairly confident it’ll be immense. In fact, with the long-awaited sequel supposedly due out early next year, there’s every chance we may get our first glimpse of online play imminently. Are you a fan of The Last of Us’ multiplayer mode? Take it easy in the comments section below.