Fallout 76 Canvas Bag

Remember when Bethesda said that the Fallout 76 collector's edition would come with a canvas bag, and then it didn't? After the collector's edition shipped with a visibly cheap nylon bag, people were understandably angry, and it only added fuel to the dumpster fire that was Fallout 76 at the time. What's more, customers who got in touch with Bethesda were told that the canvas bags ended up being too expensive to make, and that the company wasn't planning on doing anything about it. In short, the whole thing was a disaster.

Bethesda then came out and said that it would be giving affected players 500 atoms -- currency that can be spent in the game's microtransaction store. But given the steep store prices, 500 atoms would get you next to nothing. Talk about adding insult to injury.

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Needless to say, this move did not go down well, and the situation was beginning to snowball out of control. In December last year, Bethesda was pretty much forced into saying that it would be shipping out some actual canvas bags.

And now, six months later, customers are finally receiving them.

All's well that ends well...?

[source twitter.com, via kotaku.com]